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massage des mains

Be yourself
Become Self

                             5 Continents

Par Denis et Irina

                            Massage des

Becoming Self is the implicit aspiration of each of us.

A long journey on a road marked with questions, obstacles, illusions...

It demands that we accommodate our data"basic»(a gender, a name, a family, an unconscious) before being able to let the most intimate self blossom.

The purpose of this inner journey?

Live your life mindfully rather than suffer it.

Svetlana - 02.2023

« Le stress quotidien enchaîne constamment mon corps. Vous m’avez aidée à me détendre, à comprendre que je suis avant tout une femme. Pour moi, il y a eu de nouvelles sensations, au moment du massage, l’anxiété, les tensions, les peurs ont disparu.
Pendant plusieurs minutes, mon corps était comme en apesanteur, puis il y a eu une poussée d'énergie. Merci beaucoup. »
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The Massage of Continents

The best wellness massage in the world

The massage of5 Continents is a biodynamic massage that awakens natural self-healing processes, removes heavy emotional memories and strengthens the immune system.

The Massage

of the 5 Continents

What is that ?

The OILS of


RECEIVE The Massage

of the 5 Continents


in Massage

des 5 Continents

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Several techniques of the world,

                                  combining massage, the energy of magnetism and aromatherapy. 

       The Massage of the 5 Continents (M5C)  immerses us in Asia with techniques like Shiatsu and Tuina

      which through energy meridians makes the body more balanced. The M5C massage also uses

     Hawaiian Lomi Lomi. The channeling of energy at the level of the chakras and the Ayurvedic keys nous 

  transport to India. Acupressure, Californian massage and Swedish, by their action on the muscles bring an energetic and stimulating action.

It is…


          A therapeutic method of magnetism and Reiki associated with a well-being massage of all the body very mighty, slow and deep, which makes it possible to circulate vital energy directly at inside the person's body.

Specific Essential Oil preparations are applied during the different phases.

the first in detox, the second in relaxation, letting go and the last in revitalization and stimulation of the immune system.


        A massage process connected to the person's internal regenerative energy and the energy universal by which we gently go up along the body and the spine the vital force (kundalini) in order to release a great quantity of this power in the heart.


      A biodynamic massage techniquewhich awakens the natural processes of internal revitalization in unloading cumbersome emotional memories as well as toxins. Like a psychotherapy for the body,    this massage allows you to let a whole development take place repairman and initiator, opening the memory of the body, gradually clearing old traumas and leaving pleasure energy et of life (libido) to circulate freely.

Your body will rejoice to receive...

A method bringing considerable physical and mental letting go.

This well-being massage allows, little by little, to restore great confidence and a new vitality,to regain self-esteem, a great sense of peace, joie de vivre and above all to harmonize the emotional charges blocking our energy.


Preparations with sacred plants used in Ayurvedic

and essential oils in this treatment are distributed proportionally

according to the criteria of each of the mixtures applied.

You will be pleasantly surprised by the trip

at the core of your being.

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       Oils are of particular importance.   

       Massage oil 5 Continents is not only the basis for a

comfortable interaction between the hands of the massage therapist and the skin of the client,

these are author's compositions aimed at relaxation, emotional and energetic cleansing,

at restoration of the physical and mental strength.

The massage oil 5 Continents »is composed of two oil preparations.The ingredients of each composition are carefully selected depending on the objective to be achieved during the session. The high quality of the components offers a range of pleasant sensations for the customer:comfort of skin exposure, boost of strength, lightness, emotional balance.

The dosage of essential oils for these two preparations (Oil 1 and Oil 2) is very high,

which also makes the success of this method, thanks to this important concentration.
The choice of quality oils, as well as the preparation of this composition have been meticulously carried out.

In order to respect the power of this recipe and the results of this treatment, associated with this "magic potion"

The 2 specific preparations are made up of a mixture of 5 vegetable oils et of 16 essential oils.

These oils are distributed proportionally according to the criteria of the phases.

Like: tea tree, lemon, eucalyptus, lavender, cypress, ravensare, niaouli, savory,

      ylang ylang, vétiver, romarin, menthe poivrée, mandarine, géranium et gingembre;

and vegetable oils, sweet almond, avocado, apricot kernel, argan and macadamia.

These oils will activate wonderfully throughout the duration of the treatment. et

will continue to act in depth after the treatment.

Their scents will awaken your senses by inviting you to relax and let go. 

 The different origins of the 5 Continents Massage (M5C)

    make it a complete, innovative treatment,

unique and singular.



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  The first part has virtues obody detox. Specific movements offer the possibility of getting rid of what clutters us in the body whether it is on a physical, mental or emotional level.

The second part is mainly focused on letting go, relaxation and unification.

A unique moment to reconnect with your inner being especially your body.

You will feel in harmony with yourself relaxed, your energies flowing freely again.

Your vital energy is invigorated and your system immune is stimulated.

This treatment is a sensory journey!

The Massage of the Five Continents takes place in two stagess.

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Training Massage of the 5 continents:

Usually to acquire a therapeutic method, massage, or other,

the training takes place at least over a week and most often over several months and the cost is also in relation with this number of hours of training.

The teaching of massage from the 5 continents, bringing together the best massage techniques from different cultures and continents, has been meticulously structured, so that in just two days, this method is acquired and practitioners canin their turntransmit this care.

Many practitioners (professional or non-professional) have been able to offer this techniqueon their care card, website, very quickly after having followed this training and with a few hours of practice afterwardsticks, as recommended to properly assimilate the teachings.

Course materials, photos, videosas well as the ingenuity of the progress of this treatment, makes it possible to be very quickly integrated and implemented directly on patients.

The cost of this training entered two to five times lower to another complete training in massage.


Objectives ofand the formatiwe :

Learn the whole of this method bringing together precise techniques related to an intuitive aspectvery important to achieve this type of treatment.Introduction to the preparation, theproperties and dosage of essential oils used for this work. Treatment can be practiced in the office by therapists or privately in a family setting.At the end of this course and the practices carried out during the internship, the students will have the complete teachingto carry out this treatment, of course hours of practice will be necessary afterwards in order to integratebest possible everything that has been learned.

Benefits for future practitioners:

Be trained in a technique in just 2 days.

Cost of training, much lower than what exists.

Very detailed teaching aids and videosstrips, allowing to be efficient to succeed in the good transmission of this care.

Have the possibility of displaying on your care card, a new brand, which more and more institutes practice successfully.​

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Touch, a taboo subject

In some countries, family massage is practiced daily,but the healing touch tends to disappear everywhere. Why ? The reasons invoked are the replacement of these methods by drugs, analysts' relations. Touch has become so taboo that it is most often associated with sexual intimacy.

Yet contact heals

In the 1970s, in an orphanage in Romania, children who had never been touched, abandoned to themselves, were cared for by massage therapists. In fifteen days, the children regained weight, interacted and could finally run on fortified legs.

The skin is the seat of a great energy circulation

Tothrough the meridians, energy flows to the organs. Thanks to the touch and the subtle essential oils, it is possible to restore the balance of the body and to protect it from diseases. The massaged person develops his centering, the earth element, his kapha, through the massage. It is therefore agreat treatment for vatta people.

The skin is the seat of our emotions

With touch and relaxation, we have access to our interiority, a door to a transformed consciousness to make us see our emotions and our state of mind lucidly. Emotions are released.

The benefits of touch are many

The benefits of touch analyzed according to studies carried out on babies, children, adults and the elderly, are numerous: lowering of stress levels, increased cellular immunity, lowering of aggressive behaviors, less signs of senility in elderly people, less insomnia, less depression, release ofendorphins and serotonin, evacuation of toxins, reduction of pain, spacing out of tension headaches, etc.

Finally, massage is a language and an art in itself. We tap, we vibrate, we touch, we knead, we press, we maneuver. It brings softness, calm. The tensions are visibly released by an exhalation of the whole body and heart. The ballet of the hands speaks to the soul in a gesture of infinite nuances.

In conclusion

Massage has many benefits for your body and mind. In particular, the massage of the 5 Continents  can help you relax, access your interiority and take care of yourself, gently.

massage des mains
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From energetic touch to the harmonization of individual and universal energies

- EMF -


L’EMF est une technique de soins énergétiques d’harmonisation des grilles énergétiques universelles et individuelles.


Phase 1     Relier la tête et le cœur

Phase 2     Libération des expériences négatives du passé

Phase 3     Alignement, centrage 

Phase 4     Se relier au Moi du futur potentiel

                                                              Scientifiquement, il est connu que toutes matières vivantes                                                                                  présentent une aura, un champ électromagnétique.

                                                     Celui du corps humain est en connexion avec celui de la terre.

                                                     Ces courants agissent sur les pensées, les émotions et sur

                                                     notre système neurologique (notre biologie).

Ainsi l’harmonisation EMF ouvre la voie vers plus de bien-être.

Elle nettoie, équilibre et fortifie le corps physique.

Elle stimule la prise de conscience par rapport à notre histoire et libère les mémoires passées pour activer ensuite tout notre potentiel dans le futur.


Son action agit sur notre structure énergétique personnelle, faite de filaments de lumière et d’énergie directement reliés à nos chakras. Cette technique active la connexion avec la source d’énergie universelle, et nous aide ainsi à la recevoir plus amplement dans notre quotidien. Elle permet d’aller à la rencontre de nouvelles énergies et de les intégrer dans la matière.

La technique EMF apporte les clefs de l’harmonisation de votre être intérieur.

Elle est une aide précieuse pour maintenir et retrouver votre équilibre.

Elle est un puissant outil en complément d’une psychothérapie ou à utiliser seule.

Les phases se déroulent de la phase I à la phase IV, puis peuvent être jumelées selon les besoins du consultant. 

La technique d’équilibrage EMF comporte en tout 13 phases. Les phases I à IV donnent accès à une harmonisation de votre corps physique et de votre aura. Ces 4 phases peuvent être effectuées à distance. Les phases suivantes vous permettront d’élever votre potentiel énergétique et votre sagesse intérieure.

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  This part is in progress












Contact us

 En France et en Russie : 

En Russie    :   Irina      +7 964 129-30-52   

                       Denis     +7 902 515-38-12   

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